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Seattle Stuff

There’s so much to say about why I love Seattle, I could go on for days… and I was only there for a week. There were so many great neighborhoods like Capitol Hill (where I stayed)… a TON of amazing restaurants and bars… some of the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life… and Magnolia on the northwestern side near Discovery Beach (another one of my favorite spots in the city… it felt kind of like Marin Headlands, but not as cold, and with more scenery). Magnolia is the section that I compared to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, but with beautifully well-maintained homes that look like something out of Russian Hill.

There’s also another part of the city just north of Lake Union across the Ballard Bridge called “Fremont”, and that was a really cool area. Lots and lots of restaurants… breweries everywhere, cool shops… it kinda reminded me of Hayes Valley in San Francisco, but much, much less pretentious. Oh, and another thing I thought was cool about Seattle is that the Starbucks coffee there actually tastes better (in my opinion, it tasted closer to Peets Coffee), and there are a bunch of locations throughout the city where they serve beer and wine after 2pm. Kind of awesome.

Financial District is absolutely immaculate… super clean, and while it felt a lot less crazy than walking around the Financial District of SF, there was no shortage of shopping, eating, places to hang out, anything you could want. Public transportation is amazingly clean and efficient… the light rail (which, in all fairness, doesn’t cover a HUGE section of the city yet, but they’re going to be expanding it over the next few years), stops every 12 minutes. It’s kind of amazing. OH… AND, it runs until either 1AM or 2AM… I forget which one, but I’m almost positive that it’s 2AM. Then it starts back up again at 5AM.

Also, the weather while I was there was absolutely perfect. It was kind of crazy. I would wake up in the morning around 8AM or so, and it would be about 65 degrees, so I would dress kinda warm, but then an hour later, it would be between 75 and 85 degrees and comfortable, and stay that way all day, even after the sun went down. I’d never experienced anything like that before.

Anyway… I could go on for days about anything and everything… Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them. Below are some pictures that I took… the second gallery are just Instagram photos… heh.